ASU finds Krauss violated sexual harassment policy

On July 31, 2018 an Arizona State University investigation concluded that professor Lawrence Krauss violated ASU’s sexual harassment policy when he groped a woman at a conference. He has yet to be fired. Sign our petition:

ASU Professor Lawrence Krauss has been accused of verbally and physically sexually harassing undergraduate students and colleagues at ASU and other institutions for over a decade, according to Buzzfeed News.

ASU hired Dr. Krauss in 2008 after he was banned from his previous institution for sexually harassing an undergraduate student. It is difficult to believe ASU was unaware of his history when they hired him, especially given ASU’s tendency to protect professors who sexually harass students (read more).

In response to media attention, ASU opened a new investigation of Krauss in March and concluded in August that he had violated the sexual harassment policy. More than 50 witnesses and victims have spoken to media, and peer institutions have barred Dr. Krauss from their campuses; if Dr. Krauss is a danger to students at Case Western and other institutions that have placed him on a “do-not-invite list,” he is a danger to the ASU community.

We call upon Arizona State University to fire and permanently ban Lawrence Krauss from campus to protect the ASU community.


ASU says student who sexually assaulted me shouldn’t be expelled because he has high GPA


Update 1/11/2018: Petition victory! Brooke’s rapist is permanently expelled and can no longer appeal! While this is a victory for Brooke, she is in the minority; 98% of reported cases rape, sexual harassment, and domestic violence at ASU do not result in sanctions, and the Arizona Republic reports that rapists are more likely to be charged with sexual assault they commit off campus than on campus.

The following is a statement from Brooke: “Thank you all so much for your support and your comments that helped me get through this. Your signatures made a difference. This fight is far from over, but it was good to finally see some justice served here at ASU after 9 months of fighting. No one should have to go through this, and I will continue to fight.”

For more on ASU rape culture and future petitions, follow Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault on Facebook (, Twitter (, and WordPress (

Thank you to all who signed the petition!

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ASU honors professors groom students for sexual abuse

Grooming refers to a series of behaviors by an abuser to ensure a victim readily accepts physical and psychological abuse as normal and desirable, and to ensure that a victim does not report or expose sexual abuse.

Researchers and mental health professionals agree that grooming generally follows a pattern:

  1. Identifying and targeting victims
  2. Blurring boundaries and gaining trust
  3. Isolating and fostering secrecy

The grooming process at Barrett has been known to begin in mandatory freshman seminars and often progresses to Study Abroad trips, teaching assistantships, and thesis direction. Continue reading

Several ASU Honors professors fired for sexually abusing students

The following timeline summarizes a long history (from 2000-present) of ASU and Barrett administrators silencing rape victims and protecting honors professors who sexually abuse students.

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Ongoing federal investigation

ASU has been under federal investigation since 2012 for violating Title IX. SDASA’s Title IX complaint on behalf of multiple students was incorporated into the federal investigation in 2014, and several other Title IX complaints have been filed against ASU since then.

98% of sexual and domestic abusers reported to ASU are not charged with a crime or policy violation, and rapists are more likely to be convicted for rape they commit off campus than on campus. Continue reading