Open letter to ASU freshmen

Dear Sun Devil Freshmen,

As you may or may not be aware, more than 40 American universities are currently under investigation for violating federal laws related to keeping campuses safe from sexual assault. Arizona State University has a history of violating these laws, and continues to violate students’ rights.

You might be afraid ASU is not a safe place, and you may fear you’ll have no one to turn to if something happens to you or someone you know.

Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault is a group of current and former ASU students, staff, and faculty who are committed to ending sexual violence on campus and at off-campus programming. We are survivors and allies who provide support and help connect victims and their allies with resources and options. We try to work with the university to implement policies and practices that validate victims’ experiences and more proactively combat cultures of sexual violence on campus.

For more information visit our website, and join us on Facebook:

We are always here to support you.

Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault


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