SDASA featured by The Nation

Fifteen Millennial Movements to Watch This Spring: from the Deep South to Wisconsin, a sampling of student and youth organizing that’s taking off.

#3. As Title IX Sits, the IX Network Spreads

Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault is a group of current and former Arizona State University students, staff and faculty committed to ending sexual violence on and off campus.

After losing a major Title IX lawsuit in 2009, ASU made a commitment to protect students from rape culture, but students’ Title IX rights continue to be violated and the ASU administration continues to protect student and faculty predators.

In addition to organizing Title IX and Clery Act complaints, SDASA wrote an open letter to ASU President Michael Crow in September and subsequently confronted him about the issue of rape culture in person last month.

President Crow, like his colleague Kevin Salcido, Chief of Human Resources, is more concerned with protecting the University and its reputation than with protecting students from sexual harassment and assault. SDASA hopes to add ASU to the growing list of colleges under investigation by the Department of Education for Title IX violations.

Originally published by The Nation on January 13, 2014.


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