Obama on college rape epidemic

This morning President Obama spoke at a press conference discussing the Renewed Call to Address College Sexual Assault and Rape, and KnowYourIX received a call from the White House thanking #EDActNow for pushing for better federal enforcement of Title IX, and referred to our efforts as “instrumental” to the new Obama/Biden initiative against campus sexual violence. Quote from the press conference:

“Every college president who hasn’t been personally thinking about college sexual violence needs to go out in his community, find the person who deals with it and address it on their respective campus. If he doesn’t, I want students to ask the president why he isn’t and what he will do. … We owe debt and gratitude to the survivors and activists who are working now to see this end.”  – President Barack Obama
SDASA hopes that this federal effort will encourage both the Department of Education and college administrations to take rape culture more seriously, and to deal with problems rather than cover them up.

One thought on “Obama on college rape epidemic

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