Title IX Coordinator conflict of interest

A full time position ensuring Title IX compliance is long overdue, and it’s important to note Preudhomme’s history as a lawyer for ASU during three public Title IX lawsuits (2009, 2010, 2014) and both federal Title IX complaints under investigation by the Department of Education (2012, 2014).

Thursday ASU announced its first full-time Title IX coordinator, Jodi Preudhomme (before Preudhomme, Kamala Green served as part-time Title IX officer).

“Since 2007, Jodi has been an Associate General Counsel in ASU’s Office of General Counsel focusing on both employee and student matters,” writes President Michael Crow in an email to faculty and students.

A full-time Title IX Coordinator is long overdue, but it’s important to note Preudhomme’s history as a lawyer for ASU during three public Title IX lawsuits and multiple federal Title IX complaints under investigation by the Department of Education.

“The [2009] settlement comes after the victim and her attorneys completed an exhaustive investigation of ASU’s actions before and after the rape, an investigation that her attorneys say revealed previous sexual misconduct by Henderson [student athlete], deletions of important e-mails, destruction of critical documents and false testimony.”

In the 2010 lawsuit, a former student claims:

ASU refused to authorize either a drug screen [or] rape kit for DNA analysis” and “obstructed and shut down the investigation” in an effort “to make ASU appear safer than it was.”

The federal Title IX complaint filed in 2012 also claims ASU protected a fraternity after a student was raped at a party.

We hope that Arizona State University will hold itself accountable for previous Title IX violations, and that administrators like IX Coordinator Preudhomme will put students’ safety first and ASU’s reputation second. Bystander intervention, consent education, and peer advocates won’t solve many problems without an administration that supports victims.

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