Ongoing federal investigation

ASU has been under federal investigation since 2012 for violating Title IX. SDASA’s Title IX complaint on behalf of multiple students was incorporated into the federal investigation in 2014, and several other Title IX complaints have been filed against ASU since then.

98% of sexual and domestic abusers reported to ASU are not charged with a crime or policy violation, and rapists are more likely to be convicted for rape they commit off campus than on campus.

Title IX mandates how federally funded high schools and colleges must prevent and respond to sexual harassment and sexual assault. Schools are required to:

  • Conduct timely, unbiased investigations.
  • Provide academic and mental accommodations.
  • Protect students who report from retaliation.
  • Take effective measures to prevent sexual violence.

ASU did not appoint a full time Title IX coordinator until 2015, after the Department of Education revealed ASU was under investigation and after ASU made national news for protecting Barrett Honors professors who sexually harass students. ASU’s Title IX coordinator, Jodi Preudhomme, is tasked with ensuring ASU Title IX compliance, but has been a member of ASU’s team of lawyers who defend the university against rape victims’ lawsuits and complaints since 2007 (ASU defended itself against high-profile Title IX lawsuits in 2008 and 2010).

Preudhomme’s Office of General Counsel biography page states that “her Special Counsel position relates to matters that do not conflict with her Title IX duties,” but the Department of Education advises:

“Title IX coordinators should not have other job responsibilities that may create a conflict of interest. For example, serving as the Title IX coordinator and a member of general counsel may create a conflict of interest.”
Department of Education

How can Preudhomme be trusted with Title IX oversight when it is also her job to defend the university against allegations of noncompliance?

Although ASU is required to take measures to prevent sexual violence while under investigation, students continue to have negative experiences reporting sexual violence and the ASU administration continues to protect rapists and faculty sexual harassers.

If your Title IX rights were violated, email us ( and we can help you file a complaint and add your experiences to the ongoing investigation.

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