Several ASU Honors professors fired for sexually abusing students

The following timeline summarizes a long history (from 2000-present) of ASU and Barrett administrators silencing rape victims and protecting honors professors who sexually abuse students.

2000s: Honors professors sexually assault students
Several honors professors are known to groom, sexually harass, rape, and stalk students in class, during office hours, on Study Abroad trips, and in dorms. Dr. Eric Susser is arrested for flashing students on campus in 2001, but is allowed to continue teaching and leading Study Abroad trips.

2006: Barrett Deans discourage complaints
Barrett Deans Mark Jacobs and Peggy Nelson discourage students from filing complaints against Barrett professors. Dr. Susser and others continue to sexually harass students in class and on Study Abroad trips.

2010: ASU Title IX Office discourages complaints
Former Title IX Coordinator Kamala Green refuses to investigate Barrett professors and denies existence of rape culture.

2012: Honors professors fired, one attempts murder
Dr. Susser and Dr. Dave Conz are fired for inappropriate relationships with students. Dr. Conz attempts to murder the student before killing himself.

2013: Students talk to local and national media
Barrett alum Jasmine Lester talks to media about being sexually harassed by a female Barrett professor. Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault starts petition:

2014: Media attention & federal investigation
Current student (Jane) talks to media about being raped by Dr. Joel Hunter, who is later fired. The Department of Education expands its Title IX investigation to include Barrett rape culture.

2015: Phoenix New Times expose
Phoenix New Times publishes cover story expose on Barrett rape culture. Dr. Jacquelyn Lynch takes legal action to silence Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault.

2016: Barrett & ASU continue to protect sexual predators
ASU administrators and Barrett deans who have protected faculty predators are still employed (President Michael Crow, Head of HR Kevin Salcido, Barrett Deans Peggy Nelson & Mark Jacobs). Barrett professor named in federal complaint continue to teach classes and lead 2016 Barrett Study Abroad trips.

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