ASU Rape Cover Up

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History of Rape Culture at Arizona State University:
Rape Culture @ ASU

2006: Student files Title IX lawsuit against ASU for protecting an athlete who was a known rapist (J.K. v. Arizona Board of Regents).

2010: Another student sues ASU for covering up rape at a fraternity party (Babler v. Arizona Board of Regents).

2012: The Department of Education opens federal Title IX investigation of ASU for mishandling and covering up sexual violence.

2014: Students launch petition to fire Barrett Honors professors who sexually harass and rape students. Rape culture at ASU makes local and national news.

2015: Several professors leave ASU due to media attention and a new policy banning faculty from dating students (ACD 402), but ASU continues to protect other Barrett professors who sexually harass and rape students. Barrett professor Jacquelyn Lynch takes legal action to silence SDASA.

2016: Former ASU Police Department officers sue for corruption and for being pressured to release false sex crime statistics to make ASU appear safer than it is. Barrett professor(s) named in federal Title IX complaint continue to teach classes and lead 2016 Barrett Study Abroad trips.

“Even if you do report your rape, ASU will do everything in its power to make sure you go away.”

 Student raped at ASU in 2015.

ASU Rape Culture Facts:

  • 1 in 5 female college students and 1 in 16 male college students are sexually assaulted in college—more than 7,600 ASU students.
  • Title IX is a federal law that requires colleges and universities to prevent and protect students from sexual harassment and rape, and to provide resources for sexual violence victims.
  • Consent is verbal, sober, and non-coerced. Students cannot consent to teaching assistants, professors, or other authority figures.
  • Rape culture refers to societal beliefs and social institutions that normalize and perpetuate sexual violence. ASU has a history of silencing victims, covering up rape and protecting rapists.
  • Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault has been fighting rape culture at ASU and advocating for victims since 2010. Contact us on Facebook ( or via email (



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