ASU ignores 2018 rape report

ASU continues to mishandle sexual assault cases. April 2018 an undergraduate reported being sexually assaulted on campus, but 6 months later her case drags on and ASU officials are making excuses for ignoring her:

“I constantly would check in for updates and my answer was always the same,” she told ASU State Press. “I was told that other reports were still being taken care of and that my report would be finished as soon as they could.”

“Time after time, I began to feel hopeless,” she said. “I felt like I didn’t matter and that my case wasn’t important enough as it had been going on for so long and still is as of October 2018.”

She “believes the way ASU prioritizes reported incidents needs to change, and the length of time it has taken the University to finish her own report is inexcusable.”

“The one reason I have not given up on this whole process is because I deserve justice just like every other woman and any other individual that has gone through sexual assault,” she said.

“I will no longer silence myself with fear,” she said. “I do this for all the people who do not have a choice and a voice to speak up.”

Read the full State Press article here.

ASU has been under federal investigation for 7 years for ignoring sexual assault reports. Is ASU ignoring your sexual harassment or sexual assault report? Contact us to learn about resources and options.

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