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Title IX requires that schools protect students from sexual harassment and assault. Arizona State University and other universities have undergone and continue to undergo federal investigation of their failure to enforce Title IX. We are survivors and allies who are disappointed in the way our university systems blame, shame, and silence victims of sexual violence. Email sundevilsagainstsexualassault@gmail.com to get involved.

ASU says student who sexually assaulted me shouldn’t be expelled because he has high GPA


Update 1/11/2018: Petition victory! Brooke’s rapist is permanently expelled and can no longer appeal! While this is a victory for Brooke, she is in the minority; 98% of reported cases rape, sexual harassment, and domestic violence at ASU do not result in sanctions, and the Arizona Republic reports that rapists are more likely to be charged with sexual assault they commit off campus than on campus.

The following is a statement from Brooke: “Thank you all so much for your support and your comments that helped me get through this. Your signatures made a difference. This fight is far from over, but it was good to finally see some justice served here at ASU after 9 months of fighting. No one should have to go through this, and I will continue to fight.”

For more on ASU rape culture and future petitions, follow Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault on Facebook (Fb.com/asu.sdasa), Twitter (twitter.com/asu_sdasa), and WordPress (https://sundevilsagainstsexualassault.wordpress.com/).

Thank you to all who signed the petition!

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ASU honors professors groom students for sexual abuse

Barrett 570

Grooming refers to a series of behaviors by an abuser to ensure a victim readily accepts physical and psychological abuse as normal and desirable, and to ensure that a victim does not report or expose sexual abuse.

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Several ASU Honors professors fired for sexually abusing students

The following timeline summarizes a long history (from 2000-present) of ASU and Barrett administrators silencing rape victims and protecting honors professors who sexually abuse students.

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Federal investigation ongoing


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