Resources after sexual assault

After an assault is important to seek medical attention and psychological support.

  • 24-hour support hotlines
  • Where to get a rape kit
  • STI testing, reproductive options
  • Free counseling

24-hour Support:

Rape Kit & Medical Exam

DNA evidence from a crime like sexual assault can be collected from the crime scene, but it can also be collected from your body, clothes, and other personal belongings. You may choose to have a sexual assault forensic exam, sometimes known as a “rape kit,” to preserve possible DNA evidence and receive important medical care. You don’t have to report the crime to have an exam, but the process gives you the chance to safely store evidence should you decide to report at a later time.RAINN

Where to get an sexual assault forensic exam in Arizona:

Free STD/STI testing

Maricopa Department of Public Health
602-506-1678 &

Planned Parenthood Tempe
602-277-7526 &

Free Counseling