Resources after sexual assault

After an assault is important to seek medical attention and psychological support.

  • 24-hour support hotlines
  • Where to get a rape kit
  • STI testing, reproductive options
  • Free counseling

24-hour Support:

Rape Kit & Medical Exam

Although the ASU website says victims can wait up to 5 days to get a rape kit, experts advise waiting no longer than 72 hours, otherwise there may not be enough evidence.

Where to get an sexual assault forensic exam in Arizona:

Free STD/STI testing

Maricopa Department of Public Health
602-506-1678 &

Planned Parenthood Tempe
602-277-7526 &

Free Counseling

  •  ASU Counseling is free to students who identify as victims of sexual assault.
  • ASU Counselors are the only ASU employees who are not mandatory reporters, meaning they are not required by ASU policy to report sexual violence they hear about regardless of the victim’s wishes.That means if you confide in a professor or CA, they may be required to tell the administration even if you don’t want them to.
  • ASU rape victims have complained that ASU counselors are ill equipped to serve sexual violence victims.