How to Report

Reporting is often a re-traumatizing experience because police officers and college officials are often insensitive, and prioritize the reputation of the University above the wellbeing of students/victims.

ASU is under federal investigation for failing to provide victims with unbiased investigations, protective orders, academic/housing accommodations, & counseling–a violation of Title IX. If you do not receive your Title IX rights, contact to learn about your options.

Report to Police

Tempe Police Department
480-350-8311 & 911

Report to ASU*

*Document your interaction with ASU police and administrators so you can report them to the Department of Education if they continue to violate federal Title IX law. Back up all email communication regarding your case on a non-ASU email address, and audio record your meetings with administrators.

Report to the Department of Education

File a Title IX complaint with the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights  to hold ASU accountable for its well-documented tendency to protect rapists and violate Title IX.

You can file your own Title IX complaint or send us an email to join ours ( The Department of Education is already investigating Title IX violations at ASU, and your complaint will be incorporated into the investigation that has been open since 2012.



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