How to report

Reporting sexual harassment and sexual assault is often a re-traumatizing experience because police officers and college officials are often insensitive, and prioritize ASU’s reputation over the well-being of students. ASU is under federal investigation for mishandling investigations and retaliating against victims.

Document everything. Download emails with ASU administrators as .PDFs and audio record meetings. ASU is known to destroy evidence.

ASU administrators and staff to be wary of:

Students have had negative experiences with the following ASU administrators and sexual violence response staff:

Report student misconduct:

  • Complaints against ASU students are investigated by the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities (480-965-6547).
  • These cases can be reported to both ASU SRR and ASU PD, but the police does not have to be involved.

Report professor or staff misconduct:

Report to ASU Police Department:

  • Former ASU PD officers sued their own department for covering up and interfering with their ability to properly investigate sex crimes. Victims have also been denied advocates and have been tricked into signing releases to which they did not initially consent.
  • Crimes committed on ASU campus should be reported to the ASU PD. Crimes committed off campus can be reported to Tempe PD or Phoenix PD.
  • Victims should wait no longer than 72 hours to get a forensic exam (also known as SART exam).
  • Document your interactions with ASU PD and insist they give you an advocate.

Report ASU to the Department of Education:

  • File a Title IX complaint with the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights  to hold ASU accountable for its well-documented tendency to protect rapists and violate Title IX.
  • You can file your own Title IX complaint or send us an email to join ours (
  • The Department of Education is already investigating Title IX violations at ASU, and your complaint will be incorporated into the investigation that has been open since 2012.




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