ASU theatre professors cross boundaries

The State Press uncovered unprofessional, inappropriate behavior by ASU School of Film, Dance and Theatre​ faculty Micha Espinosa, who encouraged students to pretend to breastfeed/”find the nipple” while disusing her own experiences breastfeeding:

Multiple students described an exercise where they were lying on their backs with their legs spread and knees to their chest, a position known in yoga as the Happy Baby Pose. Espinosa instructed students to “find the nipple” by sucking on one of their knuckles while in the position. On one occasion, two students said she made a comment about her son making her nipples bleed while breastfeeding as she led the students through the exercise.

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We’d add ASU Transborder Studies professor Marivel Danielson to the list of professors who are inappropriate with students in theatre classes. Dr. Danielson made inappropriate comments in her “Queer Performativity” class and during office hours, flirted with students, and took students to gay bars and house parties.