Grooming students for sexual abuse

Grooming refers to a series of behaviors by an abuser to ensure a victim readily accepts physical and psychological abuse as normal and desirable, and to ensure that a victim does not report or expose sexual abuse.

Barrett professors use Human Event and Study Abroad to groom students for sexual abuse. Victim of current Barrett professor.

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Federal investigation ongoing

The federal government has been investigating ASU mishandling of rape since 2012. The Department of Education

Arizona State University is currently under federal investigation for enabling sexual violence and rape on campus and violating Title IX. The investigation has been ongoing since 2012, and ASU has been required to take interim measures during the investigation to prevent future violations.

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Barrett petition update

Update: In 2015, Barrett professor Jacquie Scott Lynch took legal action against Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault founder Jasmine Lester to silence the organization. Dr. Lynch is still employed despite multiple sexual harassment complaints against her currently under federal investigation.

Since the launch of our petition last spring and the filing of our Title IX complaint over the summer, 3 more Barrett Honors professors are no longer on campus, bringing the total of sexual predators removed from Barrett to 5 (including Joel Hunter, Eric Susser and Dave Conz). There are still reported sexual predators employed by Barrett who are teaching freshman Human Event seminars and/or leading Study Abroad, including Dr. Jacquelyn Scott Lynch.

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Transcript: ASU HR Kevin Salcido on faculty predators

On December 11, Jasmine Lester and Nicholas P. Mendoza attended a mandatory meeting with Arizona State University Chief of Human Resources, Kevin Salcido and HR legal partner Sylvester Simons. The meeting occurred because of comments Lester made at ASU’s LGBTQA Community Dialogue, where she suggested all ASU employees receive LGBTQA sensitivity training. She cited an incident when a professor (who happened to be the keynote speaker at the Dialogue) made inappropriate jokes and comments in class about Lester’s sexual orientation.

The conversation with Salcido then turned to the way ASU enables faculty who sexually harass and rape students, specifically professors leading Study Abroad trips at Barrett, The Honors College. Similar to the what we learned from the conversation with President Crow, the ASU administration seems more concerned with protecting itself than protecting students.


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