Campus rape film features ASU

The Hunting Ground exposes colleges that cover up rape and protect sexual predators.

“I thought if I told [ASU administrators] they would take action, but the only action they took was against me.” – SDASA founder Jasmine Lester, The Hunting Ground



Crow’s Task Force Falls Short

“If we really want to solve the problem of rape culture on campus, there needs to be awareness, accountability and enforcement. It should be like plagiarism. If you plagiarize, you get expelled. People need to know if you rape someone, you will be expelled if you’re a student and fired if you’re a teacher.” – SDASA founder, Jasmine Lester.

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USA Today on college rape culture

“Schools will hire Title IX coordinators … who will engage in institutional cover-ups. Schools have spent decades trying to hide their statistics.”

Jasmine Lester, a 2011 graduate of Arizona State University, experienced something like that first hand. “The Title IX coordinator fought with me and tried to dissuade me from filing my complaint,” says Lester. Continue reading

ASU alum protests sexual harassment

Jasmine Lester said she believes that Arizona State University does its best to protect its professors and its funding, even if it comes at the cost of victimizing its students. “Forget about squashing scandals and think about all of the students you are sending into classrooms and off to foreign countries with sexual predators,” she said.

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